Turmeric: 5 things you should know about the spice du jour

Some of you may have seen the Guardian article featuring Modern Baker’s turmeric mylk and illustrating our turmeric and honey biscuits. The article has now been shared well over 13,500 times and more turmeric treats have been flying off the counter than ever.

Health publications long ago declared 2016 the year or turmeric, and many of you will already know of the powerful health boosting qualities of this spice, which Western scientists are even beginning to consider in medicine.

As a bakery using only natural ingredients, turmeric is a gift, as we have to work hard for colour on the counter. We love it for its vibrant, rich colour and as a great unifier of flavours – it has a hint of umami about it – as much as for its multifarious healing properties.

Word continues to spread about our turmeric lattes. I recently served a couple who had seen an article about Modern Baker in the paper edition of the India Times. It turns out we’ve been featured in over a dozen Asian publications, on our delicious turmeric mylk. The thrust of all the articles is amusement at this trending of a ‘grandmother’ drink. According to our Indian customers turmeric milk has long been a staple of Ayurvedic medicine in India, where it’s called Desi Haldi Doodh (desi meaning pure, haldi turmeric, doodh milk). It’s the bane of many people’s childhoods because their grandmothers, knowing of its healing properties, used to force them to drink it by the bucket – particularly when they were unwell. They are now changing their opinions. They like our variant, served with almond milk, and also “dirty” i.e. with a shot of coffee.

Here are 5 facts about turmeric.



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