The Science


Faith can take us a long way, but just believing something doesn’t make it true – nor does claiming it, despite what lazier elements in the food industry would have us believe.

We’re obsessive about proving our own claims. The glut of misleading information around nutrition is costing billions in preventable disease.

In 2017 Modern Baker secured two funding awards from Innovate UK totalling £763,000 over two years, resulting in R&D collaborations with Newcastle University’s Cell and Molecular Biosciences Department and Campden BRI, one of the world’s leading food and drink research technology organisations, as well as other collaborations in biotech and agronomy.


Known as the ‘second brain’, your internal bacteria have a huge effect on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Fortunately, they can be managed so that this effect is overwhelmingly positive.

The human digestive system pre-dates all forms of commerce and has not evolved to accommodate its demands. Commercially processed foods have bypassed nutritional wisdom and hi-jacked the developed world’s taste buds in the way that’s totally inconsistent with scientific and medical advice. We fill up on ‘food’ with no value. The team at Newcastle University and their ‘mechanical gut’ do an excellent job on the physical side. The emotional benefits are well attested by several studies in communities, schools, prisons and so on.

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